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Do you ever wonder what the point of your child’s bedroom is? Some week days we don’t even go up to my daughter’s room. For the past two nights she has slept in my bed.

Pearl has always been a good sleeper. Luckily for me she was not a baby who spent hours screaming and had to be jiggled back and forth. I put this down to me listening to her and understanding what she needs. I know some parents advocate set routines and are regimented about what they do but I do not believe in this.

Although my daughter has never slept through and still comes into my bed and, as I have already said, often goes to sleep in my bed she is a good sleeper. I would not change it for the world.

I think basically what I am trying to say is parenting, whether in a partnership or alone, is bloody tiring and hard so why make it harder by putting added pressure on yourself to get your child to do things in a specific way? Surely, if your child is healthy and happy that is all that matters. There is more than one way of doing things and as a parent you need to find your own way. Don’t give a shit what others think, you know what your child needs and you know when your child is happy.

I know life is short so snuggle your little one and hold them tight. Every night if you want.