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Three steps forward 2 and a half steps back.

While walking to yoga (yoga is my one indulgence and the only way that I keep my head calm) this morning I was listening to Fearne Cotton’s podcast- Happy Place. It was the episode with Stephen Fry, he was amazing and spoke a lot about the charity that he is president of. Mind is a charity that is close to my heart as a few years ago I realised that I had been suffering with depression for a while.

Whilst talking Stephen Fry said, “if you take three steps forward and two and a half steps back it doesn’t matter as progress has still been made” (well perhaps not that word for word but you get the jist).

Listening to that really resonated with me, there have been so many moments as a parent where I have felt hat I have made no progress. Especially, as a single parent who has to make all the decisions, be good cop and bad cop, and deal with all of the consequences. Stephen Fry’s words made me think. They helped me to look back and realise that every step back had usually happened because of some steps forward. And, if I look back over the past few years, although I feel as though I have gone back, far beyond where the naked human eye can see, I have actually made progress. Both within myself, with my life and (more importantly) with my daughter.

Something I have learnt is that if you feel like you are struggling or not achieving what you feel you should it is good to read, or listen to or talk to others. It makes you realise that you are making tiny little footsteps forward everyday.

I have learnt that I am not alone.